Sign in to a third party website with nextcloud account

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if there would be a way to sign in to a third party website (like deezer) with a nextcloud account ? Of course the website would have to handle this feature. It would be like the google+ feature.

I am asking this question because I think a problem nowadays is the need to have an account for each website which leads to a spreading of personal information over the web and difficulties to control it.
A second one is the need to change my “preferred password” because one website only accepts numbers…

So what do you think ? Is it a good idea ? Is it possible ?

This reminds me of
Check out and
I don’t think Nextcloud should be used to solve this problem.

Can I get a third-party help for customization of and I also want to make some changes in it. I want to make an account in nextcloud but facing some temporary issues.