Side-loading a huge download using USB stoarge possible?


I need to share a big folder with another user. I want to prevent the other user has to download all files (dozens of GB). Instead, I would like to hand him an offline copy via USB stick.

Is it possible/save for him to stop sync of the desktop app, copy the data from the USB stick to the hard disk, and reenable the sync? Will the files be compared and not transmitted (in either way)?

Thank you very much!

If you do as you described the files will still transfer just in other direction - from client to the server. You could try to

  1. copy/move the files on the server
  2. run occ files:scan
  3. copy files offline to the destination
  4. hope that server and client files match and no transfer happens.

it’s lot of work so only try if you really have to… and maybe start with small amount of files to until your find the right procedure.