Showing users who were given access to a resource by another group member

Hi all,

we use Nextcloud 13.0.4 in an LDAP environment with some LDAP groups and about 1200 LDAP users. Short version: Is there any chance to show me for a given resource (e.g. file or folder) whether it has been already shared with another users (e.g. by my colleague)?

Long version (containing an example): We have an LDAP group called “MediaProduction”. Members of the group are my colleagues and I. There is also a shared folder in Nextcloud where members of the group have read, write and share access to. In order to do authors’ reviews, we share the resulting work (lecture notes, video, etc.) with the author. The authors also have LDAP accounts, but aren’t member of the group “MediaProduction”. Therefore one of the group members shares the result with an author and sends him/her a link to the resource. Unfortunately, another group member doesn’t see if the sharing of a resource has already happened or not. So we currently have to note it in the comments section of the resource.

Is it a problem of our installation/configuration? Or is this feature just not available?

Thank you very much for any helpful hints!

Kind regards,