Showing tasks in CalDav published calendars?

I’ve created new calendars with task lists. When looking at the Nextcloud calendars all the tasks with due dates show up as expected. These calendars also show up on my CalDav apps on my phone and laptop but there are no tasks in them.

Is there anything else to setup to get Nextcloud to publish the tasks in their respective calendars via CalDav?


Install the Nextcloud tasks app to see tasks in the Nextcloud GUI… To see tasks on your mobile phone, install e.g. the OpenTasks app together with DAVx5 in Android.

I’ve got DAVx5 installed and in fact I’m subscribed to all calendars. I’ve also got app installed and can see all the tasks, however I cannot see the tasks in the calendar app altough my calendar app shows calendars for all tasks lists I have. I guess it’s not related to my phone since the exact same thing is happening on macOS with and - I can see the calendars but they don’t have any entries in them.

If you’re referring to the NExtcloud GUI, it the ususal behavior that calendar entries are shown in the Calendar app and tasks are shown in the Tasks app. Nextcloud doesn’t yet contains a fully-blown calendar app which can manage all kinds of tasks. Development is still ongoing, check-out the repository of the calendar for further details:

If you’re referring to the calendar app on Android in which you’re missing features, you should try out a different calendar app with an enhanced feature set.

This is not what I meant, I can see task in the built-in Nextcloud GUI just fine actually. Please see attached screenshots of what I’m refering to:

Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 17.10.49

This is my Nextcloud. On the left I have all the calendars with their tasks list and the tasks with due dates are showing up just fine on the calendar. In fact today I have three different tasks from two different calendars.

This is the on macOS. Again, on the left side all the calendars like on Nextcloud, even with their respective colors. Now refer to today’s date, you can see, no tasks are showing up. This is also the case with DAVx5 on Android…

Oh I also miss this feature. As a workaround I use Tasks app on Android which can auto create a calendar event for you when creating a task. Not ideal, but kind of works.