Showing nextcloud as an mms choice? (android)

When I choose to send an MMS to someone I can choose where to open the image from in the “Open from” menu, google drive is listed, as well as yandex.disk. If I choose one of those it allows me to pick a picture from my cloud, then it downloads the image to my phone, and sends it away.

Currently nextcloud doesn’t show up for me to do that with. Is there a way to implement this?

I realize I can go into nextcloud app first and download, then open the messenger, but I prefer the other method.


This has already been implemented and will be part of our next Android App release :slight_smile:


That is fantastic news! I knew it was being worked on, but I had no idea it was far along enough to be in the next release! THANK YOU to everyone involved! This is so much more valuable than just ease of finding it in the file picker.

Yes :slight_smile: beware though that in this first iteration it will be read only so you can choose files this way to open them but you can’t update files this way yet. Bartosz plans to work on that though :slight_smile:

Read-only is still fabulous news. Thankyou!

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