Show useres as contacts

Hello everybody,

is there a build in way to publish the registered users as a contact list?

I set up a nextcloud for our organisation. Everybody has an email account from us, so i set up imap-authentication to manage the cloud access. I would like to publish the user base as a contacts list with the email-address and allow everybody to publish their phone number if they set it on the personal settings.

Is there a buildin way to do this?

I would like to have the same function.
Do you solve the problem in the meantime?

No, I havn’t got a solution for the problem. I have been busy with plenty of other topics, but still hoping for help.

I’D like to bring this topic on top again. It’s not understandable that Users from a Nextcloud instance can’t be automatically shown as contacts in contacts app.

This also affects the people search with the icon left of profile picture - cause if I want to have a user in my adress book (what’s useful for syncong contacs with pc, tablet or phone) II have to add them there and see this person with two entries in people search. Only the Talk icon app icon indicates wihich one is the user and which is the addrress book contact.

Its getting worde when you use calendar invitations, cause the person will be also shown double without any indicator - and normally I’d like to add people to events directly with their User account instead of contacting them via eMail.

Best solution to my mind would be to link contact cards to user profiles…

(If I missed any solutions on this - searched the forum, but didn’t find anything useful than this thread - I’d be happy to get a hint…)

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I also need this. Here people said it won’t happen

But I talked to @jospoortvliet at a Nextcloud meetup in Berlin and he said that this should be possible now.

@jospoortvliet can you point us to some link/documentation?

Related, but not exactly what you wanted:

LDAP backend for contacts so you can show a LDAP group as a address book:

I thought about that, yes, would perhaps be a partly solution. But my main problem is that I don’t understand the whole LDAP thing, how to set that up and so on. I guess it would be helpful cause I want to use several things (Nextcloud, Mail, later moodle and perhaps a wiki) with the same group of users and as far as I understand this LDAP thing would be some kind of unified user base that is only accessed by the other service to get the user data and credentials.
(But this is something that finally is no nextcloud related problem…)

LDAP is not allways a solution. In my case, I’m hosting NC on a webspace where i can’t install an ldap server.

I have the same problem and couldn’t find anything related to this problem in the documentation.
Could somebody explain simply how to merge contacts and users ?

hello everybody, I have the same problem. is there any solution to this?

Hello, same problem here.

For my use case I need:
All users in a group have all other users of this group in their contact list.

For years now the contacts app is useless for me.

And the scenario is plausible:
Suppose there is a big family, or a group of friends, or a team. Then every user has to manually add all other users to their contact list!!?? This is ridiculous.
And if a user changes his contact information (email, phone, place of living) then no other user gets notice of that and they all have outdated data in their contacts info.

I cant believe NC hasnt that function built in from the beginning.
But the NC devs are very ignorant to this problem if you follow the conversations on github.
HINT: you can make this feature optional and not active by default.

Nevertheless, after all this ranting: Big thanks to all to provide such a great software!! :slight_smile:

Same problem here…

When adding the user accounts to the contacts as well, then I got them double when doing a general search in nextcloud…

Please add the possibility to link / show the registered user accounts in contacts as well.

We are not using LDAP.