Show pictures from Nextcloud in iOS / iPad Photos-App


I am currently making first steps with Nextcloud on iOS and want to use it as subsitution for several iCloud functions. One function is the sync of photos from smartphone to tablet / iPad. For Android the Gallery-App just shows all pictures stored on the device. But on iOS the photos app does not show pictures syncronized via Nextcloud. I checked the option for ‘Set as available offline’, and the pictures are already downloaded to the device. But still I cannot find them inside the Photos-App of iOS. Is there anything I can do about it? I guess I do not really understand how iOS handles media files.

Thanks for your help!

Any ideas on this?

You can sync the pictures from your phone (photo app) to Nextcloud. I’m not sure about the other way round and if you make them available offline, it’s perhaps just within the Nextcloud app.

Did this ever get figured out? Sure would be nice to share photos with NC and let the collaborators see those in their native photos app.

That would be really nice feature I strongly support. Just looked for the same feature some days ago.

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I don’t know how i get this.
Maybe it was in a old version of the iOS app.
This folder isn’t up to date at all.
The last Photo is Claudia Cardinal shooted in October 2018.

I’m looking for this too.

Same problem here. When I asked on StackExchange, they replied me there actually is a way, but it depends on the app, so I should contact the author:

The developer has to take extra steps to expose files to other apps and/or use specific calls to share data and files with (for example).
TLDR - contact the developer of the app to see if they can or will implement using files app to store the files outside the app sandbox.