"Show only busy" on an shared event, by default


Does someone know how I can make an event “private”, without select “When shared show only busy” for every event created, and for all events I will create.
I searched in the NC settings something like a dropdown “By default, when a event is shared : [ Show full event, Show only busy, Hide the event ]”, but without success.

Or maybe, I have to configure the others mail-clients (mainly thunderbird and android via davx5) ?

Or maybe my way of thinking is not the good one :wink: .


This is old, but comes up first in searches, so some pointers:
specific github-issue: Default event visibility for shared calendars · Issue #531 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub
related: Improvements for Free/Busy UI [$315] · Issue #39 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub
related: Share calendar to users or groups with "show only as busy". · Issue #11214 · nextcloud/server · GitHub
It’s on the roadmap for a long time and there’s bountys up already - but it’s not doable at this time.
Sorry if this is reviving the issue, but I figured it might save someone some time looking through old threads and unanswered topics showing up as first result in searches always make me sad :wink:

Quite a few more months passed, and apparently still no progress on this. I’d like to see this implemented too!