Show online files in local storage


I’d like to switch in our office from windows shares for the 15 users to nextcloud “shares”. The reason is that we switch from cable network connection to wifi connection and I think that when the nextcloud client sync the files in the background offline and the users work ordinary offline than wifi could have enough speed.

the question is when I sync e.g. 20% of the server files offline, would it be possible to show all the other online files also in the local file system. e.g. like in the android app where you can navigate through everything and some files are offline available some not.

Because the users wan’t sync 100% from the server they will sync the folders they need but sometimes they need “online” stuff and don’t want to say alsoway in the client sync folder offline.

thanks for the help

In the client, you can uncheck folders from being synced. There has been an idea to use a virtual file system:

For other content that should only be available over network (no sync), you could also use webdav storage (native windows one is unfortunately not very reliable).

Thanks for the feedback.