Show file location in public access share


simple question, Is it possible to have the maps tool in a public share?


Simple question, can you please be more PRECISE and explain what environment you are using, which software versions and what you expect to achive in detail?

Sorry if my question is not precise. I’m a user/developper who use nextCloud. Our version is 19 but will be migrate to 20 soon.

When I browse my file in my NextCloud instance I have tool (like maps) in the toolbar. When I create a public share on a folder, I would like to display those tool (the maps tool more precisely) when user access the public share. Is it possible?

Thanks for help

Ok, you mean the Maps app. Unfortunately you can only share data but not apps with the public. The only possible way would be to use the Guests app and guest accounts, because you can allow guests to use apps.


Ok thanks for answer, I appreciate it!