Show dates of others without content

When sharing calendars the others shall only see the calender entries without the additional information (topic). Is it possible?


This should do the trick…


Danke, das is ja schon mal gut, kann man es als Default einstellen?

Oh, ich habe gerade gemerkt, dass dein initialer Post auf Englisch war… :wink: Habe deshlab meinen Post angepasst und antworte mal auf Englisch:

I’m not sure about that, but at least at first glance, I didn’t find a switch in the webUI to set it as default…

Thanks again, I’m German, so I translated the post to make it easier, aber auch Deutsch gehts auch… :wink: Vielen Dank für die schnelle Hilfe. Gruß Christian

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Gerne. :slight_smile:

Ja aber die Mods sehen nicht so gerne gemischtsprachige Threads :wink:

All right!

You can search the variable with translation:

"When shared show only busy" : "Wenn geteilt, zeige nur den Status 'beschäftigt' an",
tasks/de.json at master · nextcloud/tasks · GitHub

Sorry i found the english text above only in github-nextcloud-tasks and not in github-nextcloud-calendar:
tasks/AppSidebar.vue at master · nextcloud/tasks · GitHub
(line 330) But perhaps someone can explain it.

I do not think it is a tasks-function. I think it is a calendar function.
Perhaps you can write an issue here.
If yes post also this line in the issue:
"When shared show only busy" : "Wenn geteilt, zeige nur den Status 'beschäftigt' an",
Your issue is wanting to set the default value differently (bool variable).

Ah that’s a good idea and can certainly be useful. :+1:

I found it…

"When shared show only busy" : "Wenn geteilt, zeige nur den Status \"beschäftigt\" an",

However, the problem here was that I didn’t even realize that the original post was written in English :see_no_evil: …otherwise I would have posted the screenshot in English.

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Thank you for the link to the second translation.
“However, the …” we have only extended the problem with the translation :wink: :wink: :wink:

But we now need the program code where When shared show only busy is used.
I think it must be a part of calendar and not tasks. Can you search again?

The translation file I found is part of the calendar repo. But other than that, i don’t think i can really be of any help with this. Except for some really simple bash scripts, I don’t really have a lot of knowledge about program code.