Shouldn't there be a login button in anonymously shared folders?

When sharing a folder with the anonymous share link (containing an /s/), users can view and even create documents (with the edit permission ticked). This is great especially for onboarding in an early project stage.

However, that way it is not tracked who was working on which document. Now when users register and log in and use the same anonymous link, they are still working in the folder anonymously, even if you have a log in session. When they start creating and sharing new documents, they do no find all features (can not create sharing links etc) and get frustrated.

I think, nextcloud should always check, if I have a login session and add a login option, when working in a folder that has been shared for anonymous use. I’d like to get some opinions here before creating an issue.

Maybe a good idea if it can optionally configured.

But acutally you can use e.g. to point to the internal link. I have created an example for you:

Public share with and internal link

Internal link

I agree that may be a little confusing. However I don’t think there is a mechanism to forward the user from a public link to an internal link. This has to do with the way sharing works.

Imagine you have a folder structure like this.

Folder 1
> Folder 2
  > Folder 3

And say you share folder 2 as read-only and share folder 3 as read-write. The same user can go to folder 3 and have write access, and then go to folder 3 by way of folder 2 and they will be read-only.

In other words, the share that you use is your entry point and determines your permissions.

If I’m not mistaken, this is true for any sharing method (whether a public link share or shared directly with a user and they navigate to the folder). And so automatically forwarding a user from one share to another would constitute a change in access context that you may or may not have intended. I think it’s possible this could also cause problems for some people.