Should temp folder be on the same drive as data folder?

I currently have my temp folder set to a location on an external SSD because I figured that would be fast and then my main location and backup are two 2 TB HDDs. I think my bottleneck is really my Raspberry Pi (I’ll probably swap it out for something faster later). Regardless, I wonder if this is really a waste of time and extra read/write on my drives. Because the data has to ultimately end up on my main HDD anyways (and transfers seem to wait for this to occur before they show complete), should I just put the temp folder on the same HDD drive as the data? I searched around and couldn’t find any advice on this.

How big are your uploads?
I have it on tmpfs(ram) on my pi which reduces IO and is much quicker

Most uploads are under 100 MB. However, rarely I might have something over 1GB if I have a big video to upload. I believe the RPi3 has 1GB of RAM. So I could do as you say if the combination of all simultaneous uploads (generally just me) if they are somewhat smaller than 1GB? I’m considering upgrading to an Intel NUC, any advice on that?

How much RAM did you allocate? If I’m only using the Pi for Nextcloud, I’m wondering how much of it I could take to do as you suggest.

I reinstalled my system on an Intel NUC5i5RYH and it’s so fast now. It’s great that Nextcloud will run on a Raspberry Pi, but considering how much I’ll use this thing, the additional speed of the NUC was worth the upgrade. Downloads are now 5 MBps instead of 1 MBps and displaying thumbnails is nearly instantaneous compared to about 1 per second.