Should I update?

I am asking if I should update to 19.0.1 from 19.0.0, is it worth it or is it just a un needed risk, I now have my family using it so I cannot have any major issues at all.

The risk is low. But it’s definitely just a service pack…
Unless you miss something - don’t bother.

  1. What is a service pack
  2. What do you mean by


RE:Service pack
It fixes issues, does not introduce new features.
So for example: if using LDAP, users would be repeated in the list. 19.0.1 fixes that.

RE: miss something
If you want issues like above fixed by Nextcloud (as opposed to use github) - install it…


I update always not wih the web-updater but with

sudo -u www-data php updater.phar (set correct user and paths)

That works for me better and so it is for me a less risk. Perhaps you like it also.

part " Using the command line based updater":

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See and judge for yourself.

The general answer is: yes, of course you should.


Ok thank you!