Should I update to 11.0.4 or 12.0.1?

New updates are out. I am currently on the stable channel and I get a suggestion to update to version 11.0.4. If I switch to the ‘beta’ channel, it suggests upgrading to 12.0.1. Which version should I choose? Is there a difference?
Thanks for the help

I pressed update to 11.0.4 on one of my Nextcloud machines and it updates to 12.0.1:slight_smile:


NC 11.0.4 just updates the NC 11 branch. It’s recommended to install this bugfix release.

NC 12 is a newer version, you can upgrade to this version as well. It brings a couple of new features which might require more features on your server. The risk of early versions is that your apps might not be available yet. The longer you wait, the less bugs are in each major version, it’s up to you when you want to switch. If you don’t need the features, there is no problem to wait for 12.0.1, 12.0.2 or 12.0.3.

Same thing here. Went without a problem ( so far )

I just had that too!

The updater (mode production) told me to update to 11.0.4.
I updated it and now I have 12.0.1.!
That is NOT what is desired.

This is clearly a bug:

looks like thats a I don’t care bug :stuck_out_tongue:
" opened this Issue on 30 May"

The last two months quite a few important things weren’t fixed as fast as expected.