Ship own jQuery version

I am using jQuery in my app and get the following warning when using jQuery in my app’s javascript:

“$ is deprecated: The global jQuery is deprecated. It will be updated to v2.4 in Nextcloud 20 and v3.x in Nextcloud 21. In later versions of Nextcloud it might be removed completely. Please ship your own.”

I’d like to ship my own jquery, but I don’t know how. I’ve read that multiple jQuery versions can coexist if jQuery.noConflict(true) is being used, but I didn’t find an appropriate template function to call this at the right times.

Maybe someone knows an app that does this, then I could check out the source.
Any hint is welcome!

Maybe helps a bit.

You’ll need a bundler. I recommend using Webpack.

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Could you provide an example ? after watch video and read lot of documentation, I don’t understand how I can ship my own.