Sharing with public link, shows a preview but sharing with a user is not showing a preview of the file

Hi folks,
I’m running Nextcloud 15, I see that sharing is behaving differently when I share a document with a public link than with a user in the Nextcloud.

The public link to the document will show the document in “preview” mode, that is very useful. Let say, you share a pdf file, the person will see the file in the pdf viewer of nextcloud. Great.

But when you’re sharing with other local user of the nextcloud, the person is presented with the list of files in the same directory of the document that was shared. The document shared is “selected” but not in “preview” mode, you need to clic on the document to open it and see the content.

Is it possible to have “preview” mode by default when sharing documents with local user of the nextcloud? Of course, if they is no application to view the document, it would fall back to the directory listing behavior.

Thanks for your help.