Sharing when a user has several access rights


I had a behavior on the shares that seems abnormal or at least not ergonomic for non-advanced users.

I’m leading a project and I use Nextcloud for collaborative document management.

I created a folder for the project and I associated all the members of the project (through a circle) in read-only mode on this folder and all underlying files and folders.

I must punctually work with project memners in modification on some files of the folder. I thus put in this case, additional write rights to the people who have to modify.

This is where the behavior doesn’t seem ergonomic to me. If the users with additionnal write permissions navigate to the folder through the project tree (i.e., the shared project folder with the read-only access), then they can’t modify the file even if they have write permissions on.

We have found that in order to be able to modify this writeable file, they need to use the specific URL related to the write share.

This operation is complicated to explain to users and leads to a lot of blockages. Wouldn’t it be simpler to setup a maximum permission politics, giving always the maximum permissions (i.e., write if exists) to the files, no matter how they can be accessed? For example, if a user is part of a circle that has read permission on all the folder contents, but has also on a specific file of this filter, a write permission, then he will have write permission wherever he access to the file.

Thank you!