Sharing video link with query string arguments in URL not working

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Facebook recently introduces a feature where links shared via Messenger gets a query string field named fbclid.
For example if I share a video link in Messenger and click on it, I get redirected to This link shows the Nextcloud shared page, but the video does not play.

How to Reproduce

  • Create a share link for a .mp4 video
  • Share this link in a Messenger conversation
  • Click on this link in the conversation
    This will open the link with a query string field in the URL named fbclid
    The page is displayed, but the video does not play.
    Error message: The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.
  • Navigate to the link without the fbclid field in the URL
    Video plays as expected.

Thank you :pray:

Just found that it has been fixed here, but not released for stable15

This has been fixed for stable15.