Sharing to an LDAP group where I'm not present doesn't work

Hi to all,

I use two Nextcloud servers, based on Debian 10 and apache 2.4 (all Debian 10 original pack).
On Nextcloud 18.0.2 I use only LDAP users and groups.
The Nextcloud servers (federated) works very well, but…

if I try to share a folder to an ldap group where I’am NOT present, sharing seems to works well, but is not visible to other users.
If I try to share a folder to an ldap user (on the same or another group) works fine.
If I try to share a folder to an ldap group where I’am present, works fine.

The setting “limit the users to share with users in the same group” is DISABLED.

I’m admin, if I share a directory to an LDAP group, the share is not visible (but seems ok: shared).

The same problem persist on two different server (same version 18.0.2, same app version).

Any idea ?

Very very THANKS


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What does “the share is not visible (but seems ok: shared)” mean?
If it’s not visible how do you know it’s shared?

Look into Group Folders…

Thank you for your answer !

An example:

Two LDAP users, Luca (LDAP group A) and Tony (LDAP group B).

If Luca share directly to Tony a directory, works fine, Tony displays in the home the shared directory.

If Luca share to group B a directory, for Luca the sharing in OK, but Tony does not display the shared directory.

This is the problem…

Very thanks

Sorry, only a clarification…

I dont’use Group Folders app, if Luca (group A) create a new folder and try to share it with a group different from his… Tony (group B) does not display the shared directory…
If Luca try to share directly to Tony, works fine…

Hi dae75,

I have the same issue and found some more interesting information on a GitHub issue.

The issue is currently open and also related to the latest nextcloud version.