Sharing SMB/CIFS external storage at root level?

I have a windows share \server\share that I would like to expose to my nextcloud instance as a single folder. My issue is, I can’t seem to add it. I am, however, able to add each individual folder on that share as a folder on nextcloud. I would like to share all of the folders. While it lets me add the share (without specifying the remote subfolder), and it lists is under External Storages, when I click on it,it takes me to the root of my nextcloud instance. Really weird.

Currently (share => nextcloud folder):

\server\share\folder1 => Folder1
\server\share\folder2 => Folder2

What I want:

\server\share => Share

Is this possible? Thanks.

Hi ! do you solve the problem ?

I have exactly the same : SMB/CIFS Can't mount windows root share