[sharing] restrict inherited permissions of subfolders

Hi everybody,

I would like to be able to restrict the permissions that subfolders of shared folders inherited from their parent folders.
Right now it’s not possible to restrict the access to shared subfolders for different usergroups.

As an example on how to handle this, Google Drive gives an easy way by showing the same sharing settings for the subfolder like they are on the parent folder. To restrict the access, you can simply go to the sharing settings from the subfolder and remove / add permissions.

Is ist possible to realize something like that in nextcloud? Would be really awesome! :heart_eyes:


+1 would like to have the feature included.
say folder Accounts is shared to my accountant,
but in that folder i have some personal documents too so i would like to hide it/unshare it for my accountant,
How to do it,
Please include this subfolders permission in nextcloud which is one of the best for sharing files/folders.

Yeah that function would be nice!

Hello, this could be a solution or a workaround for you:

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I have the same request and I found this workaround in the forum, but in my NextCloud version (11.0.2) I do not see any “File Access Control” options under my “Server Settings” (or anywhere in Server Settings). Any idea where to go from here? Thanks!

You have to enable it in the apps area first, then it will appear under Admin.

Thanks! That worked!

The proposed solution only applies when I want to remove all permissions on subfolders at once.

It is not possible to just remove - for instance - the write permission.

Are there any other solutions?


Do you know if any “standard” soltuion have been implemented via plugin for example ?


This feature is really important to many users, is it at least planned to be implemented?
Sharing a folder with many subfolders with a group and restricting access to single subfolders to a subgroup allows to keep a specific folder structure for all users (which is not possible when sharing each subfolder separately). Thank you for any information on this topic!

This thread is rather old but I just stumbled across it. Are there any plans to make this feature available?

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