Sharing : request failed not found (404)

using IOS 13.3 + NextCloud

When I try to share a folder or a file by clicking “+”, it appears a red alert and the following message:
“Request failed not found (404)”.

Only if I take the folder/file outside the root, then I am able to share it.

I’m having the same issue. It only seemed to happen after I upgraded NC to v18 though. It was working before that.

iOS 13.3x
NextCloud App

I’m not sure exactly what step fixed the issue for me, but I modified the php.ini file

post_max_size = 20G

upload_max_filesize = 20G

Originally they were 20GB. I’m not sure if GB was correct or causing problems. Then I had to restart php-fpm. Once I did that, and I logged out of iOS apps and logged back in again, the errors went away.

Or it could just have been restarting php-fpm did the trick.