Sharing private folders in another structure?

Hello dear Nextcloud community,
i have a question:
Is it possible - and if so how - to link the content of a private folder into the structure of a “public” folder without copying it ?
This is what I have in mind:
I have a private folder structure with photos and I have a shared folder with my friends that everyone can edit etc. Now I would like to share e.g. a special folder with them and I want a kind of “link folder” or something like that in the shared folder to link to my shared private folder.
Because always having to copy the photos can’t be the right way.

Thanks for your answers.

Perhaps you can use “Link editor”.
In the “read and write” folder (shared with other) you can set a link “private.URL” with is a a public share (read only) to other nextcloud data. Perhaps it is also possible to use an internal link if all users login to your nextcloud.


Ok the other users can delete the link. :wink:

Perhaps you also can use