Sharing picts with contacts which do not have installed the NextCloud app/client

Hello forum

I would like to be able create a shared folder on my (future:-) NextCloud
server from within my mobile phone (with a NextCloud client), upload pictures
and “invite” friends(withoutNextCloud client) via text-message or email to that
shred picture folder (by sending them an URL).

In addition it should be possible to “invite” additional persons/contacts afterwards.

Is that already possible with NextCloud? If yes, how?

Thank you for your help!


I do not have yet experience with NextCloud

Hmm i am wondering if the question/description of the feature is not clear, or if the idea for such a feature is soo bad, or if it’s already possible today…

Any help is appreciated very much.

Thank you!

Hi Joe123,

I think your request is really simple.
In the Nextcloud app (Android phone for me), you just need to “explore” files and folders.
There, you have a “share” button. You can share a public link (copied to clipboard and shared with the messaging solution of your choice) or set specific contacts by email address or nextcloud addresss (e.g.
Afterwards, when you want to share with more people, just go back to that view and copy the public link again or add contacts to the shared list.

Good luck !