Sharing Options:- enforce 'hide download'

Hi, I’m just getting into Nextcloud as I was looking at a way my wife can distribute video’s securely for her work. She does dance classes for schools and wants to be able to record video’s which she can allow the schools to view and also for the teachers to be able to share with their students.

I think I’m most of the way there by having different schools as user groups so that they aren’t aware of each other. The video’s are then stored in a group folder and individual files can be restricted to the groups depending on what video’s the schools have subscribed to.

My problem comes that I want the school teachers to be able to create a public share link which they can forward to the students, and I know I can enforce an expiry on this. But I want to also enforce policies on the share link created by the group user so that the link they create does not have the download button available. Is this possible or is there a way to make sure links created by other users do not have the option for downloading?