Sharing issues nextcloud

I have noticed that after upgrading from own cloud 8 to next-cloud 10
When sharing files to groups from AD

The sync activity says on the users say that the files have been
shared with you but the files do not appear in the the users cloud space


Are they visible in the web UI?

Also, did you update via the required update steps?
From ownCloud 8 you need to update to 8.1, 8.1 and Nextcloud 9, before you can update to Nextcloud 10.

The groups are yes

and we did the three step upgrade to 10

Hello the upgrade process was from originating ownCloud 8.1.3 -> ownCloud 8.2.7 -> Nextcloud 9 -> NextCloud 10. The upgrade process was always using occ upgrade and at no point we received any errors. Now the system is running in a secondary school environment for approx 1100 users,
It is clustered behind a HAProxy load balancer. LDAP authentication is against MS Active Direcory. we have about 472 groups as we export time table data and create AD groups based on those ‘Classes’.
Sharing with some groups is working just fine, then it doesn’t work with others. Mainly with those Class groups. It could be related to the process we used to update those classes when the time table data changes. We generate a powershell script based on the time table data, delete the ‘Class’ goups and re-create the groups with the PS script.
I also checked the table oc_ldap_group_mapping table and that has 1704 rows. Is there a way to clean up remnant groups as you can do with users?
The issue is also say if I share a folder with Class 10Business, my nextcloud desktop client does send me a notification that another user has shared a file with me because I am member of that group, but the folder and files never show up, not in the WebUI either.
Would love to know if I can delete the remnant groups from the oc_ldap_group_mapping and oc_ldap_group_member tables without cauing to many issues.

Hello there have done a bit more testing and configured LDAP tp use the memberOf attribute, the auth user configured to do the searches in AD has sufficient access to the objects to read that attribute but that doesn’t work either
I then did a test and chose one Class group and deleted the group from AD and the rows for that particular group from the tables oc_ldap_group_mapping and oc_ldap_group_member. I then created the group using the same name in AD, and added a cpouple of users and logged back in to the WebUI as user1 and shared a folder with that newly created group. Loged into the WebUI as user2 that is member of that group and the shared folder is not listed in the WebUI. I checked the tables again and this time found that in oc_ldap_group_mapping there was a row for that group, but oc_ldap_group_member didn’t have a record. Since it’s late now, I will try to come up with a SQL query tomorrow that will populate the record with the membership in oc_ldap_group_member. Could be that there is simply a bug.