Sharing gone after Update to 11.0.3

Hi there,

strange behaviour again:

yesterday I did run the update from 11.0.2 to 11.0.3 via webinterface.

After deploying the update, i brought back the config.php via ftp and everything seemed to be normal as ever.

Now I wake up and find that my data isn´t there in large parts - obviously, the “shared with” setting in my NC installation has been gone. I have to re-open sharing with two of my three users. very strange.

Have found that updating often disables apps. Is the file sharing app enabled?

Obviously if you can reshare the sharing app is enabled. In the database the table _share & _share_external has information about sharing. If there is anything you haven’t already reshared you can check to see if there is anything in the database about these items. Even if you have already reshared items you can check the database to see if there are duplicate entries.

Why this happened - its so strange!

I found out that two users, who were offline at the time of the update, did go without problems.

However, my users two clients, one was online and i got problems.

Now I have to re-download everything - really strange. But not funny, cost me two days when i was under heavy pressure and couldn´t work on m files…

Hope that you are not directing the why question at me. Am just a user.