Sharing folders: drag & dropping files not possible

We use the current version of nextcloud und have the issue that when a user (no logged in user) tries to upload files via drag’n drop in a shared folder, nothing happens beside a jQuery Warning being quadrupling in the console, see video:

This does not happen when adding the file via the context menu (+ icon in the topbar). Also for a logged in user, drag & drop is working.

This is especially annoying since users don’t get an error and nothing visible happens.

Netxcloud version: 21.0.1, Docker

Many thx and best regards

Can you share a public link to test it. You can also send me a link in a PM. Perhaps i can find the problem.

yep, sure.
many thx for having a look :smiley:

I think there is no problem. All works fine. Sometimes the progress bar says 100% but you must wait.

Many thx, seems that the various browser caches we’re the problem (as usually). Tested before with firefox and chrome … now it’s working :smiley:
sorry for bothering

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