Sharing Folder on External Strage(S3 Bucket) & Files to specific user/group only but all login user can access , edit, delete any files

  1. I created UserA and UserB, UserA belongs to DocAdmin Group.

  2. Login as UserA, select Files and then Upload a folder with 2 files inside.

  3. No Sharing action is done.

  4. Login as User B and access the folders which User A Uploaded, User B can delete and do anything, Why?

  5. Login As User A again, and Now allow DocAdmin Group to access, UserB does NOT belong to DocAdmin,

  6. Login as UserB and try to access, still UserB can do anything on the files and folder

Seems that there is no access control, all login user can do all action on all files
It looks like external storage setting overwrite all access control

System Share Setting: