Sharing Files w/ Receipt

Nextcloud version: 23.0.3
OS: Linux 4.19.0-20-amd64 x86_64
Server: nginx (Version unknown at the moment)
PHP: 7.4
Database: PostgreSQL 11.14

I would like to log each access/download of a shared file in a log file or in a table of the database of my NC. For each access/download, a timestamp and the IP address from which the access took place or where the file in question was transferred should be recorded.

How could I configure such a feature in my NC installation?

At every folder/file you can see “Activity” for folder/file.

But the protocol for access of files is not really good.
If i play a video i get multiple entries.
If i load an image in Nextcloud i get no entry.
If i go to download (e.g. zip) i get an entry.

I think this is only useful for real download e.g. zip files.
I think you must test it on your own.
Also for statistics you must surf through all files activities or you must use an addition function (database?).