Sharing files via E-Mail with Text

Hey :slight_smile:

i’m new here so please apologize, if some informations are missing.

I’m using the latest version of Nextcloud running on Debian 8 (root server).

I’m using the option to share stuff via link for a while now. I like the feature to directly send it via E-Mail (no-reply@domain.tld). I really miss the option to add a comment / textinfo for this E-Mail. Now i have to copy the link in an new e-mail with additional text or directly send an e-mail with Nextcloud (where i can’t type in additional text) and send an additional e-mail with my comment like “Hi Simon, here are the documents we talked about yesterday …”.

Hope you understand, what i mean.

Hope this feature will come soon :slight_smile:


There’s already a discussion on this: Personalize outgoing share link message (via email)

If I can get some more use cases I will raise a feature request on github