Sharing files is impossible


I need your help because I can’t share files anymore… Is this normal ? Thank you very muche

  • First, I would recommend to provide information about your environment, software versions, etc., because otherwise it will be difficult to assist you in solving the problem.
  • Second, you should check the Nextcloud log file for any related error messages etc.
  • Third, you should check the share settings under Settings > Adminstration > Share to make sure that they haven’t been disabled.

Thank you for your help !

I am using Linux Mint 19 and I’m connection ton Nextcloud (Cloudamo) with Firefox 74. I don’t know how to check the Nextcloud log file… Few weeks ago there was no problem in sharing files…
I send you a screenshot of Settings > Adminstration > Share, I don’t have any options there…

That looks to me as if you’ve checked the personal settings and not the administrative ones, hence I assume that “Claudamo” is a hosting provider. If so, you should get in touch which your provider and ask him, to check the settings. Most likely sharing has been disabled b the adminsitrator.

Sharing is not allowed on free instances, as there was huge amount of abuse.

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