Sharing files avoided by file-access-control rules?

Nextcloud version 19.0.1, App file-access-control 1.9.0 (Ubuntu, Apache, PHP 7.4)

Installed file-access-control and created a set of rules to deny access to a certain folder based on (1) membership to a certain group and (2) a certain collaborative tag. If a folder has the tag but the user does not belong to a specific group, access is denied.

Now I wanted to create a password-protected link to a file in a folder tagged with the respective collaborative tag. However, access is denied with the message that the link might be removed in the meantime. I guess this is because the user who clicks the link can not authorize himself with membership of the respective group as this is not possible.

Is that the wanted behaviour or should it still be possible to share links to folders which are protected by some rules?

i think a shared folder with password is a normal public share but with password.
I think it makes no difference with or without password for file-access-control if there is no difference for public shared folders.