Sharing Expiration based on user propery

Dear all, I’m searching for an option to set expiration of links based on group membership. Is there something available? The reason is simple: sometimes I have users where I’d like to do long-term sharing and for the rest I’d like to have an automatic expiration date of 7 days. Feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Afaik such a function doesn’t exist yet.

You could create a single share for each group and adjust the automatic expiration for each share…

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thanks for the feedback - best would be to configure it on Nextcloud groups to enforce expiration

Actually, I don’t see any advantage over doing it like I’ve mentioned but if you want to have this feature, I’d suggest to open a new issue for this in the server repository after making sure that such a feature request doesn’t already exist. GitHub - nextcloud/server: ☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data
Afterwards, please post the link of the issue here that covers this enhancement.

Ref: Sharing link expiration based on groups · Issue #26595 · nextcloud/server · GitHub