Sharing calender entrys

Hello community,

I have several users in my NC12.03 installation who belong to a group. If I now have an entry in my calendar that I want to share with other people, this can be done by email.
Is it possible that these calendar entries will appear in the calendar of the invited member? As in Outlook. So that this member does not have to make the entry?
I don’t want to share the whole calendar just single entries.
And how can this appointment be confirmed?
Why do the participants disappear when I call up the appointment again later?

Thank you for your help


I don‘t think sharing a single calendar event is possible with nextcloud. You could create a new calendar and share that with other users, but not single events.

Thanks for your replay.
Do you have any idea about my other questions?

Do you mean those?

No, sorry. I don‘t have an idea about those questions.