Sharing calendars without allowing others to add their own off-topic events

i’m using nextcloud on yunohost and i’m planning to offer a public calendar/agenda service to different groups of people in my local area.

what i would probably need though is a way to check that the “wrong” groups aren’t using it or that the calendar isn’t being used for purposes different from its original goal.

hence, ideally, i would need the admins only to be able to create and share new calendars so that any requests has to pass through them.

is there such an option in the settings?

because, currently, i cannot find it.

What do you mean? Are you referring to anonymous guests or active users or what? What purposes?

since it’s going to be free, open and anonymous, it will be hard to check who is actually registering, however the calendar is meant to be for grassroots organisations and mutual aid programs, so, if some charity start promoting their fundraising or a fash start using it to create their own calendar of events, it definitely defeats the purpose.