Sharing calendar via public link does not work

Hi nextclouders,

I have a problem with sharing a calendar via public link.
How I proceeded:


  • the link is opened in a new tab in my browser, looks ok.
  • If I share the link with others or open it in another browser, I get a message that the calendar does not exist or is not shared anymore.

Expected results: it should open the calendar and allow sharing with anyone having the link.

I don’t understand where the problem is. If anyone has any idea, it would be great!

Thank you

My version: Nextcloud 12 (upgraded from nextcloud 11)

Hmmmm. For me the link works.

OK that’s very weird. It works for me, now. But it didn’t work on any browser on my computer nor on a friend’s computer, when I posted this topic.
Is there a delay in sharing a public link (I can’t see why)?

Otherwise it’s solved as “works for me” and nobody knows why it wasn’t working.

Never experienced something like that.