Sharing Calendar and Notes?

I have an account on which is a free nextcloud server. I want to setup an account for my parents.

  1. I want to have a personal calendar on my account and share the calendar to my parents account but only I can create, edit and delete events and my parents can only read my calendar.

  2. I want to have a family calendar on my parents account which is shared to me and all of us can create, edit and delete events.

  3. I also want to have notes on my parent account which is shared to my account that I can edit.

Is this possible to do? My parents have iPhones and I have an Android phone and my Android phone uses LineagoOS which does not have google play services.

Thanks in advanced!

Did you even try?

By a quick glance I would say yes, all of that is generally possible. But as usual the devil is in the detail :wink:

Edit: not sure about CalDAV calendars on iOS. On Android there is the DAVx5 app to sync calendars and contacts with Nextcloud.

iOS can automatically handle CalDAV ressources without the need to install an app.

I did install DAVx5 app and tried it within the vanilla iOS app but I cannot find any settings anywhere on calendar sharing.

Really? You don’t see this: image next to your individual calendars? Like this:
Click the share button, and the rest should be obvious.

Nevermind, I had to login in a browser and go to the calendar tabs to do it.