Sharing by Email - Sent Mail to Array

I have Nextcloud hosted, I am attempting to do some tests, I setup a folder and then share it via email. When i look at the Debug activity I see the Core message Sent Mail to "Array ([]…

But I never receive the email

Where is it hosted? At your private internet connection or did you rent a server / nextcloud?

I have it hosted at

Then there’s not much you can do about it I guess. (The problem with hosting at home is that your private connection can’t work as a e-mail sender as a server).
Nextcloud’s email sending is absolutely working for me and if it’s not showing any error it’s probably something with the services/network behind it. It seems that isn’t blacklisted, but still, try to contact them as they are the people managing this server and its backends.

What is weird is that I can get the test messages after setting up the SMTP settings.

Which SMTP settings did you enter in Nextcloud? Provided by

I put in the SMTP settings for my own In-House Exchange Server

So Nextcloud is trying to send using that server then, which of course works. Try to contact them. It’s really not your fault. The only thing you could do is to use your own email server, but they advertise that email works.