Sharing a URL from S3 is stuck on "loading"

Hey everyone,

I am new here. We have just installed version on an AWS server and connected it with S3.

I am trying to share a URL to a folder to someone who is not part of our Nextcloud infrastructure, basically was hoping for it to be a public URL I can share with anyone.

The issue is the page comes up with a loading gif in the middle and then an infinite loop where the files never load. What could be the issue or how can I resolve it?

BTW no errors show up on the log either.


I hope this helps someone but I finally realized that when you add an external storage such as S3, you need to click on the 3 dots and pick “enable sharing”. This really needs to be documented better.

Note: I am trying to put a screenshot up but file upload is not working on this discourse atm.

Use an image host for that.

You can always try to submit a pull request of the documentation.

Thanks, will do that actually.