Shares for other users automatically canceled after 4 weeks

Hello, we use NC 15.04 via LDAP. If normal shares are created for other users, these shares are automatically canceled after about 4 weeks. A time limit for the shares is not set. How can that be?

Does somebody has any idea?
Thank you.

An administrator can set a general TTL for shares (Settings>Management>Share), so it is not necessary to set it individually. Most likely this is the reason for the seen behavior.

I have been there for 7 days. The releases will be removed after about 30 days?

Sorry, I don’t understand what your want to tell me and what your question is referring to.

If I create a share in the app files, this share will be removed after 30 days. But in the details of the release, I have no time limit enabled. The checkbox is not on. Nevertheless, the shares are automatically removed after 30 days. How can I prevent this?

What do you mean by details of the release, do you mean the Nextcloud software settings?
You can set an individual time to live (TTL) for each individual share and the administrator can
set a general TTL. Do you want to say that you haven’t set an individual value for a share and
that you have also checked the general setting (Settings>Management>Share) which I’ve
mentioned before?
If both parameters are not set I would expect that shares are valid without a limit. Check-out the
File Sharing chapter in the documentation for a detailed description of the share function.