ShareRenamer app fork

ShareRenamer app has forked and Nextcloud 12 is supported:

Just wanted to share this.

The ability to customize the name of a shared link should be an integrated feature of Nextcloud I think.

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Are you planning to add this to the app store?

AFAIK this was considered a security challenge.

Cc: @jospoortvliet @LukasReschke

sure, but if people want it I don’t see why we wouldn’t allow this in the app store… Lukas might disagree but - I would like to see it in the store and personally I would use it.

I was referring to:

App is fine imo.


Is there any howto how to install and run it?

most prolly you usually copy it directly into your apps-directory (check the ownership of files) and then it should be possible to activate it in the admin-section of your NC

Has somebody managed to install it recently?

I installed and activated it via command:
wget && unzip && rm && sudo mv sharerenamer-master/ /var/www/nextcloud/apps/ && sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/nextcloud/apps/ && sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ app:enable sharerenamer-master
It said “sharerenamer-master enabled”, but it didn’t work.
I checked Addons via Web-GUI, but the Addon was not activated. When i tried to activate it, it said “Could not download app sharerenamer”.

I managed to get a workaround using the Database itself: update oc_share set token = ‘readablestring’ where token = ‘brghwegtsfatg’;
Though it is not pretty and definitely not scalable and user-friendly, it works if you don’t need it often.
Maybe this helps someone :slight_smile: