SharePoint Backend Configuration

Hey! I have installed the SharePoint Backend extension. Due to lack of documentation I have a couple of questions:
How am I supposed to Provide the credentials for the SharePoint Library?
Host: Link to library? wich format?
Document Library, Library Name? ID?
Username, with domain\username username@domain??
It seems like i just dont get this to run, I am using SP 2016 (http) Sites with NTLM, A ubuntu Server in the same IP Segment.

I hope somebody can help me here :slight_smile:

Turned out my ubuntu Server was not able to resolv dns names… i added the search domain in interfaces config and everything worked.

What format of configuration did you end up using? I am currently trying to connect to my organization’s sharepoint on office365 with no success. The format I am using is

Document Library: Folder
Password: mypassword

Also I keep seeing the following error in the admin logs whenever I attempt to connect.

Error: Call to a member function getTimestamp() on null

Hey! I use the credentials pmmgma provided here:
Document library: sites//
The “sites/” must be repeated on the “Document library” field.

He is also reffering to SharePoint 365 saying that there are issues with authentification…

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

so it works for you? i still dont have write acccess :confused:


Could you please share some documents for configure sharepoint backend on nextcloud?


SharePoint backend. How to set synchronization direction? Currently under my environment it is from SharePoint to NextCloud 15. How to make it bidirectional?

Hi does someone has a valid documentation on this ?
I’m still unable to connect and the Nextcloud Documentation has not the information I need.

I’m Using M365 (Office365) and did the following:

And getting these errors

2021-07-27 11_08_22-Window

Using latest Nextcloud.

The “Unmanaged Device” Option is unfortunately missing in Sharepoint Admin Center cause we “only” have a business premium standard Licence…