SharePoint 2019 supported?

Hello all,
we would like to use NextCloud in conjunction with SharePoint 2019, is this possible and supported by now? Would you advise us then to also use NextCloud or the Enterprise version?

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Hello @L089 ,

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Your questions cannot be answered easily because details are missing.
What are your use cases? What are the prerequisites?

Do you like to use Sharepoint as a storage inside Nextcloud. Just did a quick search and found

That depends on your company size and IT skills.
If you have a IT department with Linux/vm skills you can run Nextcloud.
If you need support setting it up and keep it maintained I would recommend to run enterprise.

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Hi @rakekniven ,

thank you for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

The exact requirement is that we are a small company that has a SharePoint 2019 OnPrem. Now we have the need for a cloud storage and would like to implement Nextcloud for this and in the best case the cloud storage can be connected to our existing SharePoint.

Thanks for the link, apparently you need permission which I don’t have to see all the content. :frowning:

As you are a small company let me ask the following question:
Do you really like to keep an on premise SharePoint server and add a additional server (NC in this case)?
Why not eliminating the on premise server and migrate to only ONE system?

You can contact Nextcloud sales people for your area and ask them.

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Unfortunately, I have nothing at all to decide otherwise I would have also decided for a one system…

Thanks for the information, then I will contact Sales. :slight_smile:

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