ShareLaTeX on nextcloud

I have just finished setting up collabora in my home hosted nextcloud server. However I am a big fan of writing documents in LaTeX and would like to know if its possible to take the source code from ShareLatex and host it on my NextCloud like Collabora.

If anyone has tried this before, has it worked? and how did you do it?


It would be awesome to have that!

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The way I did this was ShareLatex running in a Docker Container behind a Apache Proxy, so I can add it through “External Sites”. Sure you can’t access files iout of Nextcloud with this by default. But something you can do is to add a External Storage (FTP/SFTP) to the location of the ShareLatex files. That is the closest I have got.

With some wrong there may be a solution directly integrated within Nextcloud, but this solution might not work for Webserver users without access to grunt and things like that.

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So kind of the way that collabora does with nextcloud?

I never used Collabora with Nextcloud to be honest. I don’t like it and I don’t need it. So I can’t compare. But if my way with ShareLatex is similar to the way of Collabora there is no need of a plugin. All this can be done with a few commands.

You need be educated with docker (and I really would recommend installing ShareLatex via docker), but you that’s something you would need with the plugin, too.