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I am using Nextcloud throug my hosting provider ""
I want to upload self created audofiles mp3 and share the link with frinds and set the link to non-downloadable. The problem is, that if I do so, the mp3 files will not play like videofiles.
Videofiles play in the browser, audiofiles shared on nextcloud do not play.
I tried, Chrome, Firefox and Edge, non of them worked.
How can I make mp3 files to stream, without giving permission for downloading?

Thanks for your help

[deleted old entry because of nice feature in nextcloud 21 … thanks … not tested before today]

Playing audiofiles with the preinstalled Viewer app should be possible with NC21: Add support for audio files by kesselb · Pull Request #617 · nextcloud/viewer · GitHub
Otherwise you can e.g. install the Music app which allows to play Audiofiles inside the files app.