"shared with others" showing sharing with no name

If I go to “shared with others” as a first entry I see an empty name which is shared to a bunch of people. Went to look in the DB and it shows there are 14 entries at the oc_share table that do not have a file target.
They seem like left overs from previous shares. Can I safely delete these rows from the oc_share table?
I searched for corresponding item_source / file_source entires at the oc_filecache but there were non? emptied my delete files.

thx for looking into this!
running version 12.0.3


Please use the latest version, this would be 12.0.4. I would then try the official repair commands provided by occ:

Manual changes are the last option, it shouldn’t have to be necessary and on a new setup, it would be good to know how you got in this situation (if it is reproducible would be great).

it is reproducable as follows.

  1. create a file
  2. share it with an email address
  3. delete the files
  4. have a look at “shared with others” => now you will see a folder with no name shared with people.

I found out that the problem can be solved by emptying the recycle bin. about 15 min later it’s gone and the entries in the table are removed as well.

So I guess when a shared file is deleted (before unshared) it should not be shown anymore at “shared with others”.
Upgrade to 12.0.4 was planned next week.