Shared sub-folders not visible in latest PC sync client

Dear all,

We are currently running NextCloud

One of our users has created a shared folder on their Mac with several sub-folders and files. This shared folder and its contents are visible to users who this folder has been shared with but the sub-folders and contents don’t appear to sync with any users who are running the PC desktop client.

The latest Mac sync client (2.5.1 final) sees these sub-folders and files but when tested on a PC with both the latest sync client (2.5.1 final) and a previous version (2.3.3) only the top-level shared folder is visible and there are no sub-folders and files.

If I view the folder list within the PC sync client to ensure the folder is selected for synchronsation, no sub-folders/files are visible.

Is this possible a PC/Mac incompatibility issue?

Kind Regards,


Just an update on the above issue. It appears the problem is that the sub-folders that were created on the Mac have spaces at the end of the folder names. If these spaces are deleted, the folders sync on PCs.

I was aware of this issue with previous versions of NextCloud, are there any plans to resolve in future versions?