Shared links received by external email but not internal email accounts


When sharing a password protected link to an external user the external user receives the link.

When sharing a password protected link to an internal user they never receive an email notice stating that the file was shared.

Certainties: The Nextcloud server and the internal email server on currently on the same domain. We will be moving the Nextcloud server to a DMZ after configuration is complete.

We are using sendmail.

The internal email server is Exchange 2016 and has a mal-configured SSL cert.

Nextcloud doesn’t differentiate between email to internal or external users, nor does it know which one is internal or external. If one is working but the other one not, I would recommend to check the log files of your email server to find the root cause of the problem.

Thanks that sounds reasonable. I will take a look.

This information seems to be related to your issue and might help you solving the problem:

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I dont agree with this statement - I had problem with password recovery from external IP while it worked in internal ip.

even though I used smtp with and without credentials it never worked once I tried to recover a password using public ip - Sending a test mail as admin from that same public ip worked though.
No issues either way when using a local ip.

My workaround that made it working both ways was to install mailer, activate sendmail in the rc configuration plus add the root email to the aliases followed by and using “Sendmail” as send mode with smtp (-bs) as “Sendmail” mode within NC.

I haven’t yet fixed it.